Saúde Escudeiro Sponsorships

According to the concept of Human Optimization, Saúde Escudeiro provides to high performance people their clinical and scientific knowledge, helping them to achieve an optimal level of brain and physical performance for their personal or professional activities.

Miguel Ferreira

Young bodyboarder of Carcavelos, Miguel Ferreira is, since November of 2018, the new European champion of the modality.

Saúde Escudeiro’s Team, through its experience and programs in human optimization, in balance with his healthy development as a teenager, will support this athlete in increasing his performance to achieve his goal of continuous improvement in the path of Excellence and manifestation of its maximum potential.


Aware that Human Optimization contributes to the enhancement of the natural resources of each of its clients, Saúde Escudeiro partners can count with a team that accompanies them in solving concrete problems that disturb the  balance between Health, Performance and Vitality.

Neuza Alves

In a search for better results, Neuza Alves created the Nomad Training, a concept that goes beyond physical training because of the relevance given to the work of the mind.

Through individualized sessions, tries to help each person to find the balance at their own pace.


Facebook: / TrainingNomada

Instagram: @treinonomada

(+351) 919 077 850

Luis Matos

Very interested in the area of physical activity, Luís Matos makes the difference by focusing essentially on the individualization of the training. With a consolidated background in Physical Education and Sports (Exercise and Wellness), he has been working since 2008 as Personal Trainer, Classroom Instructor / Group Sessions.

Facebook: / PersonalTrainerLuisMatos

Instagram: @pt_luismatos

Elder Santos

With the objective of improving the functionality and autonomy of the general physical condition or sports performance, Elder Santos practices his profession with seniors, athletes or in the context of post rehabilitation.

His intervention is focused on differentiated techniques in order to provide a better individual involvement and approach.

(+351) 919 363 647


Roberta Detotto

Always with the intention of giving the best response to each student, Roberta Dettoto has been deeply involved in a strong and diversified formation and is currently a Pilates, Stretching, Hydrogynastic and Personal Trainer.

Ana Lúcia do Vale

With a path of excellence in the area of health and beauty, it is with dedication and passion that Ana Lúcia do Valle exerts her profession in the field of well-being always with great results.

(+ 351) 936 198 223

Joana Mendia

With great admiration and fascination for the Human Body and its Movement, Joana Mendia has always invested in her training being today an excellent Pilates instructor.

Through group classes or personalized trainings, her students / clients are led to restore or maintain their health and fitness.

(+351) 963 096 012
Estilo Zen

Jovem Academia

Dynamic pillar of the development of young people who, as a team, discover their value, become aware of changes they wish to produce in their lives and are responsible for achieving their dreams, always in a positive and balanced environment.

Facebook: /JovemAcademia
Instagram: @jovemacademia
(+351) 917 375 357 / (+351) 918 182 259


Revealing a deep interest in physical and mental well-being of human beings, she practices as Massage Therapist with distinct aims such as relaxation/therapeutics, sports, anti-cellulitis, pre and post partum, lymphatic drainage and Reiki.

Sandra Lopes has a degree in Psychology.

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