Health + Performance + Vitality

To be the reference organization in the area of human optimization for clients and professionals, contributing to a greater knowledge and practice in the activation of the potentialities and resources of the human body.


Make it accessible to each person to optimize their physical and psycho-emotional performance, using their own physiological resources and freeing themselves from the limitations that prevent them from enjoying life in full.


  • Excellence

Attentive to the smallest details, we want to provide a remarkable experience that goes beyond the initial expectations of those who are looking for us.

  • Empathy

We respect and value each person, knowing that recognizing their problems is the starting point for their resolution.

  • Knowledge

We continuously research the areas of intervention in which we are involved, deeply dominating the theoretical bases and their practical application.

  • Dedication

We strive to solve each person’s problems by creating a totally confidential and individualized environment.

  • Innovation

We follow the constant evolution of knowledge and apply it conscientiously.

  • Functionality

We apply the scientific knowledge and clinical experience to the reality of each person, so that our intervention is practical and adjusted to their day-to-day.

  • Optimism

We create with each person a close relationship that, being serious and responsible, is also a motivator and generator of well-being.

  • Communication

We use effective and motivating communication techniques and environments to help the person integrate critical knowledge for their health and performance.

Pedro Escudeiro

After completing 4 of the 5 years of the engineering degree, he graduated in Physiotherapy and then in Osteopathy in the United Kingdom. In this country he began his doctorate and for 3 years he was a lecturer in Osteopathy, Oxford. This course was decisive for the creation of the bases of the therapeutic model characteristic of  Saúde Escudeiro.

Pedro Escudeiro developed this model not so much for defending a paradigm of natural health, but mainly because scientifically, and in his personal experience, this is in most cases the best, and often even the only way of definitively solving the complex health problems of modern times.

Joyful, positive, genuinely welcoming and always focused on the difficulties of the person, constantly seeks the symbiosis between available knowledge and its adaptation to the needs of each person. In recent years he has devoted a large part of his time to the creation of the clinical team and to the enrichment and dissemination of the therapeutic model, in order to be able to help more patients, in a faster and more lasting way.

Teresa Garcia Escudeiro

Physiotherapist and osteopath, specialized in the area of Pediatric and Women’s Health. She is a co-founder of Saúde Escudeiro, as a clinical practice and therapeutic model, dedicating part of her time to the activities necessary for her operation.

Following the work carried out in her areas of expertise, she created a personal clinical project, integrated in Saúde Escudeiro. Her intervention includes a wide range of therapeutic strategies that often involve the whole family, not only the member who goes to the clinic. Being a very involved person with their clients, it is frequent to accompany the young people throughout the development process, being requested by the parents for advice and not just treatment.

Your welcoming, dedicated, knowledgeable and cheerful personality makes your consultations in a moment of exceptional exchange of experiences and learning.

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Cláudio Maroco

He graduated initially in Physiotherapy, followed by Osteopathy and a Master’s degree, finally concluding his training in Medicine. Claudio Maroco combines its clinical intervention with regular teaching in higher education in several areas of knowledge.

His high capacity to deepen issues related to human health and disease, together with his vast technical resources, through the three undergraduate degrees concluded, give him a unique and comprehensive vision.

He is a person genuinely involved with the health of the users, with a very human and dedicated vision and approach. He has put his knowledge at the service of the therapeutic model of Saúde Escudeiro and contributed to its refinement.

Humility and availability are always present, making him an enriching element within the clinical and administrative team.

Sofia Lois

Graduated as a physiotherapist more than 30 years ago and having worked in several renowned institutions in the field of rehabilitation, she soon added to her clinical intervention, a humanized paradigm in health care provided. Among the many trainings he did, osteopathy and global postural re-education allowed him to expand his global approach. He has experience in post-surgical recoveries and in all types of musculoskeletal and neurological disorders. It is characterized by being a person always available, attentive and dedicated, seeking that each intervention is an opportunity to educate the person in relation to good habits of life and management of their clinical case.

Célia de Jesus Antunes Vilão

She has worked as a Clinical Psychologist since 1993, having specialized in the area of ​​Clinical Psychology and Health, intervening with children (10 to 12), adolescents, adults and couple therapy.

She is attentive, committed and caring, accompanying each person on their personal development path, so that they can discover new stages and feel that life also has “obstacles” and challenges in reaching its goals.

He believes that it is important to look at our emotional blocks, to understand the reason for the fears, as well as how to open new paths in order to structure new stages.

In his approach he considers it important to be autonomous, to have a good self-esteem, in order to develop self-help skills that result in greater physical and emotional well-being.

Along this path, it is equally important that everyone feels motivated to deepen and expand the understanding of their personal, family and professional relationships.

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Graça Azevedo

He finished his degree in psychology at the University of Lisbon in 1991 and, since that time, he has been looking for simple and effective solutions for his patients, in order to promote their self-knowledge and self-healing ability. Her training in various behavioral therapies provided many resources that she likes to teach her patients, but in 2015 she crossed with the biofeedback and neurofeedback methodology, which brought her a non-invasive and natural solution. In particular, neurofeedback allowed her to overcome clinical conditions that she previously considered difficult to resolve, such as Hyperactivity Disorder / Attention Deficit, anxiety, depression, sleep, migraines or chronic fatigue. At the same time, this approach not only made her a more complete therapist, but also gave her a goal in life. The training was subsequently supplemented at the Biofeedback Federation Europe with leading experts in the field Linda and Michael Thompson (The ADDCentre, Toronto) in 2016. Bio and neurofeedback techniques are widespread in several countries, namely in the United States, Canada, Holland and Germany. Although the clinical approach is centered on this methodology of reading psycho-physiological signals with the aim of self-regulation, many other techniques are applied that aim at relaxation and the integration of capacities that favor well-being, quality of life and performance psycho-physical.

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José Gago

José Gago is a clinician at heart and with conviction. Despite having started his professional activity in a different area, Marketing and Advertising, he felt within him that the mission in life would have to follow a different path, with a greater purpose.

His fascination with understanding the nature of the Human Being led him to study Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, eventually graduating from the School of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ESMTC) in 2003. His way of thinking was natural and deeply changed, acquiring a new paradigm of life.
His career has been characterized by an interest in finding ways to solve the problems of people who seem to have no solution in sight. In his view, there must be a bridge between the areas of conventional medicine and non-conventional therapies, something he always looks for in his training to update knowledge. In their way of thinking and acting, when they complement each other, the benefits for patients are much more powerful. He has dedicated himself especially to clinical conditions involving pain, musculoskeletal disorders, anxiety and depression, as well as gastrointestinal disorders and fertility.

Hugo de Castro

Hugo de Castro has a degree in physical education and focuses his intervention on personalized strength training applied to functionality. Although his training areas have a deep focus on CrossTraining, Weightlifting and Functional Strength, his approach is comprehensive, applying to all types of non-sports, as well as sports, recreational or high competition. As a coach, he loves to help athletes achieve their goals and see their progress. Professional activity also includes teaching in several areas of physical training.

In addition to being a trainer and teacher, he is a highly competitive athlete. He was a practitioner of several modalities, however it was as a rugby player that he covered all layers of the national teams, reaching the international and having played as a professional in Portugal and abroad. In recent years, weightlifting has become his favorite sport, being runner-up in the Masters world in 2018, third place in the 2019 European Championship and several times national champion. It also has several National and Iberian records.

He is passionate about the efficiency of human movement and his perspective is that health can only be achieved with physical robustness and functional capacity that allows to carry out daily activities, without attacking the body or generating overload. Therefore, it combines intelligent physical training with essential life routines for high performance and recovery from effort, such as sleep, food or breathing methods.

Pedro Pacheco

Pedro Pacheco is a Personal Trainer, accumulating an experience of over 20 years as a martial arts teacher. He has invested exhaustively in acquiring knowledge in human physiology in order to turn this knowledge into health benefits for his clients. His intervention greatly expands the simple prescription of physical activity, supporting the person in the acquisition of life routines that are determinant for well-being. She is currently studying for a degree in Osteopathy with the aim of also helping her clients with clinical problems.

Prof. Dr. Pedro Zuzarte

Prof Dr Pedro Zuzarte is a psychiatrist and doctor of medicine. He is Director of the Psychiatry and Mental Health Service at the Hospital da Administração Interna in Lisbon and Director of the Psychedelic Assisted Therapy program. He completed his doctorate in Canada (University of Toronto) and is Professor of Psychiatry at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Lisbon. For many years he has centred his work on an integrative model of health, considering that it is not possible to dissociate mental health from a state of organic balance generated by a healthy lifestyle. Her military career has largely contributed to this view, and she has developed many strategies that she applies personally and that she passes on in the support she provides to many professionals in her field on how to deal with situations of extreme physical, mental and emotional demand:


Saúde Escudeiro was born as a formal Clinical Project in 2010, with a joint objective: to provide the necessary conditions to treat people with the dignity and quality that we – Pedro Escudeiro and Teresa Garcia Escudeiro – wanted and felt they deserved. Our desire was to create the ideal therapeutic environment to give expression to the clinical approach that we ourselves would like to receive.

As professionals, we follow different paths. Teresa Garcia Escudeiro guided her preparation for the area of Women’s Health, Pregnancy / Postpartum and pediatric care. I developed my skills in the area of syndromes and illnesses generated by stress and anxiety, basically, looking for solutions to chronic and persistent problems.

Driven by the desire to reach more people and be even more useful, we decided to set up a team of collaborators, carefully chosen for their clinical and personal profile and after undergoing testing for a long period. This team, prepared in the clinical model developed in Saúde Escudeiro, works well beyond the mere provision of clinical care. We trust and fully feel represented by each of these professionals.


The Clinical Concept began to develop even in 2001, at the conclusion of our basic academic training, Physiotherapy and Osteopathy, and when we first had direct contact with the osteopathic community in the United Kingdom.

The Clinical Concept that characterizes Saúde Escudeiro is simple and results from our observation and experience. We have learned that human beings have extraordinary abilities of physical and psycho-emotional performance, which have to be activated to enjoy life in full, in terms of health, performance and vitality. When physical or mental health is affected, the key to returning to balance is the day-to-day application of these potentials of human physiology.

Our focus is to help people break free of the limitations that hinder their maximum physical and psycho-emotional performance and become autonomous in the use of their own natural physiological resources. Always in a practical way, applied to day-to-day life; without the need for extraordinary efforts or knowledge; and also motivating.

The whole Saúde Escudeiro’s Concept is focused on helping each person to be their own best version, within what is relevant to oneself and having the lifestyle that fills them and suits them best.

Pedro Escudeiro

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