Launch of the Saúde Escudeiro channel on YOUTUBE

The purpose of the Saúde Escudeiro channel is to disseminate strategies, methodologies and tools that promote the optimization of the human being in its various dimensions.
Various formats will be used, such as short videos with simple suggestions, interviews with some relevant people in the area, as well as instructional videos.
This is a channel that arises from the problems and difficulties that people who present themselves in Saúde Squire report and the solutions developed for its resolution.
The contents are therefore very practical and directed to specific situations and, consequently, will also take into account the comments and suggestions of everyone interested in improving their lives.

10 Years of Health Squire
On May 17, 2020, Health Squire turned 10 years old. This video briefly discusses what has changed in 10 years and what Health Squire has become.

Sleep Hygiene
On November 5th, another JA Talk took place, with Pedro Escudeiro, founder of Saúde Escudeiro as a guest.
In this lecture, the theme of Sleep was approached, focusing on its importance in the strategies that we can put into practice to increase its quality.

OSTEOTALKS – Pedro Escudeiro
Interview with Pedro Escudeiro by Bruno Campos (OsteoTalks) – This video discusses Pedro Escudeiro’s professional career, as well as a description of the intervention model of Saúde Escudeiro, specifically of his human optimization project, including the relevance of personal experience for his development.

Stress and Children
Stress is the body’s reaction to any situation that is interpreted as dangerous, as is the case with any challenge.
Stress can be triggered by many different factors and its impact on children is much greater.

Saúde Escudeiro joined the Cascais Health Academy to support and promote the creation of healthy habits and routines, focusing on very concrete problems that affect people’s lives. The first topic addressed is a combination of osteoarthritis, aging and pain.

Simple Morning Routines for Optimization

The human being needs very little to be healthy, all it takes is to take a few simple actions that are perfectly integrated into everyday life. And when actions become routine, they become habits and everything flows effortlessly. Here are some suggestions.

Isolation in Nature reduces chronic stress

Isolation in Nature promotes the balance of the nervous system, by decreasing the person’s agitated internal rhythm due to the modern lifestyle. The synchronization of the human being with the rhythm of Nature induces levels of relaxation and well-being that dramatically decrease chronic stress.

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